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What are your office hours?
Our head office is located in Annandale (Sydney) and is open 10am-3pm weekdays and 9.30am-4pm on Saturdays.  Please contact the store if you intend to visit outside these hours so we can confirm if a staff member is around or not.  During these unprecendented COVID restricted times, we are closed for cleaning before opening and after our advertised closed hours.

NEW: We have extended our trading hours and are now open Sunday between 9am-12pm for pick ups, drop offs, store browsing and cheery hellos - deliveries are by appointment only.

How late can I place an order?
The cut off time is set by the suburb and state. For most suburbs, the cut off time is 2-5 days in advance.  If you would like to place an order and have missed the cut off time please call us on 1300 655 058 to speak with one of our staff directly.  We may be able to fulfill your order but this depends on staff and stock availability.

How far in advance can I place my order?
Our website allows you to place an order up to 6 weeks in advance. If you would like to book your balloons further in advance of this, please call us on 1300 655 058 or 02 9569 8101 to speak with one of our staff directly

How many balloons should I get? 
We get asked this question a lot and it is actually a really hard question to answer! The things you should take into account are the size and layout of the venue/room, the type of event (ie sit down dinner, cocktail party etc), the effect you are after.  

We would suggest speaking with the event coordinator at your venue and get their suggestions as they may have had balloons there previously.  You can also look at our Pinterest page or other images to get a feel for the look you are after, we will then have a better idea on what it will take to create the same effect. As a general guide, around 1.5 to 2 times the number of balloons per guest seems to work well.

Feel free to give us a call or email if you would like more advice on this!

What colours look good? 
Again, a lot of this has to do with your preference! You should also consider the colours and lighting in the venue of your event as to what will suit best. A mix of “multibright” colours can be fun and vibrant, while having a colour scheme of two or three tones is also very effective.  Check out some fun colour schemes on our Pinterest board

Can I get my balloon delivery the day before my event? 
All balloons have a limited float time, so please check the float times of each type of balloon or arrangement first.  Balloons obviously look their best when they are fresh rather than at the end of the suggested float times.  You may want to consider “hi-float” for latex balloons if you need them to last longer than 10-12 hours (extra cost applies). 

What is hi-float? 
Ultra Hi-Float solution is a non-toxic liquid plastic which extends the balloons float time. When kept indoors, out of direct sunlight Balloons Online guarantees our hi-floated latex balloons will float for 2-3 days, but could last up to 10 days.

Please note conditions such as high humidity, height above sea level, temperature and air-conditioning can effect the float time of hi-floated latex balloons and they may not float for as long.

How can I confirm that an order has been delivered?
You will receive a confirmation email when an order has been marked delivered.  However, as the delivery driver may not have access to a computer this may be slightly delayed.  You can find out more on this by contacting the “local contact” phone number on your order confirmation.

What happens if the delivery is not accepted - access is not available? 
Please provide correct contact details for yourself and your onsite contact (if you will not be available at delivery) so we are able to make arrangements.

What sort of balloons should I get if my event is outdoors?
Most of our balloons are usually fine in sheltered conditions. When using balloons outdoors, things like wind can cause balloons to tangle or either pop when they are blown into something sharp and can also drag/blow weighted arrangements.  Direct sunlight can cause the colour to fade and 'oxidise', heat may also cause helium in the balloon to expand and pop the balloon.
We can usually make allowances like using heavier weights on most arrangements, or tethering arches to rigging points if you advise us if your event it outdoors.  Unfortunately even with these precautions, we cannot always guarantee the float time of balloons in unfavourable weather conditions.

How can I prevent balloons from popping? 
Keep balloons away Kung Fu children, cactuses and pins.  On a more serious note, our balloons are made of the highest quality and should resist popping. To prevent them from popping, keep your balloons away from touching any surface (i.e. tied to a weight), keep them indoors and out of direct sun and heat.

Can I customise my order?
We will always try to meet your needs to customise your order, if you need a particular latex print or foil balloon incorporated.  You can add special instructions at the check out stage, or feel free to call/email us to discuss the specifics.

Can you custom print my balloon?
Further information on custom printing can be found in our Balloon Printing section of this website.  Other generic prints (eg "Happy Birthday", "30", "Congratulations" etc) may be available but additional costs may apply.

I want to use my balloons again - how do I do this?
All of our microfoil balloons have a self sealing valve and can be easily topped up with helium, they are of course not designed as a re-usable product so we cannot guarantee this.  Unfortunately, latex balloons can only be used once, as soon as the balloon is inflated, the latex stretches and is greatly exposed to air and moisture that starts to break down the balloon. All our latex balloons are biodegradable and not damaging to the environment if properly disposed.

Can I supply my own balloons?
Yes we can inflate your pre-purchased balloons, provided they are of the correct size and are manufactured as 'Helium Quality', this means that the latex is thick enough to hold in the helium in.  Please give us a call on 1300 655 058 or 02 9568 8101 for further information

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