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Duck walking pet

Walking Pet - Anna the Duck

Size: 21"/55cm

Pug walking pet

Walking Pet - Ella the Pug

Size: 21"/55cm

chicken walking pet

Walking Pet - Helen the Hen

Size: 21"/54cm

Penguine walking pet

Walking Pet - Holly the Penguin

Size: 20"/50cm

Timothy the Turtle

Walking Pet - Timothy Turtle

Size: 18"/46cm

Pig walking pet

Walking Pet - Chris the Pig

Size: 24"/62cm

St Bernard Dog Balloon

Walking Pet - St. Bernard

Size: 21"/55cm

Panda walking pet

Walking Pet - Tina the Panda

Size: 28"/71cm

Cow walking pet

Walking Pet - Jemima the CowDog

Size: 28"/70cm

Super Dinosaur

Walking Pet - Lis the Dinosaur

Size: 35"/90cm

Dachshund dog balloon

Walking Pet - Ben the Dachshund

Size: 22"/55cm

Zach the T-Rex

Walking Pet - Zach the T-Rex

Size: 28"/70cm

Frog walking balloon

Walking Pet - Frog

Size: 18"/46cm

Cat balloon

Walking Pet - Cat

Size: 20"/50cm

Shetland Pony

Walking Pet - Shetland Pony

Size: 21"/52cm

Poodle walking pet

Walking Pet - Poodle         

Size: 19"/49cm

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